Monday, April 29, 2013

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Betta Fish

A betta fish is among the most good-looking and easy to maintain fresh water fishes that are currently available. Conversely, if you are still considering the right process of looking after your fish, then this article will be able to provide the help that you require.

Although, looking after the betta fish is not a trial, it is a must to take note of the fact that these entertaining and friendly fishes have to be left alone in its fish reservoir. When left alone, the betta fish can stay up to a maximum of a three year period.

What are some ways to differentiate a women betta from that of a man betta fish? Bettas which are female are small and they do not have amazing appearance like that of the men betta fishes; however, females are still amazing and they are furthermore incredibly huffy and delicate.

Betta fishes are currently available in different colors such as chocolate, black, copper, red, orange, pineapple, yellow, white opaque, cellophane, green turquoise, steel blue, and royal blue. Individuals know these bettas according to certain patters, fin types, and other apparent functions.

Betta fishes are tropical in nature; they swim in shallow waters, and they can also survive in hot or warm waters in a region with a lower altitude. In addition to this, these fishes are mostly found in slow moving waters, rice paddies and swamps.

Generally, these places are the bettas' hiding places and this is where they can find the right place to stay and hunt for food. If you intend to take care of a betta fish, you should be aware of the truth that they can survive only in a shallow water; thus, keeping them in tiny bowls or cups is more appropriate.

Conversely, you should not ignore that these betta fishes also need warm temperature; they love warm environments, and can withstand in an environment which is 80 degrees. An additional thing that you should know about these fishes is that they can easily be dispirited when the tank heat goes below 75oF; thus, you have to make sure that the temperature within the tank remains at the most appropriate one.

The best thing about the betas is that it can withstand in waters even though the oxygen air material thereof has been gone. Some individuals are actually mistaken thinking that these fishes require a lesser amount of oxygen than other fishes. For more details about betta care tips, click the link.

The reality is that a betta fish is blessed with a unique respiration which is known as labyrinth; this particular function allows the fish to take in little air and use any available oxygen in order to survive.

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